Creative Acrylics

In the past, Creative Acrylics used to make sturdy, inflexible clear albums that typically measured 1/16th of an inch. Unfortunately, we’re not aware of any of their products currently being offered for sale these days. However, there are bunches of other exceptional acrylic albums and scrapbook supplies available, so please be sure to visit our other pages to find them:

Creative Acrylics’ past product offerings included 4×4 clear albums, 6×6 clear albums, and 8×8 clear albums in a variety of shapes including round, scalloped, tabbed, and square. They also manufactured albums in the shape of words, such as “Baby”, “Love”, and “Fall”. They also offered novelty shapes such as apples and footballs. Rounding out the product line were other acrylic embellishments and shapes such as tags, letters, and slides. Their products definitely lived up to the name of “Creative Acrylics”! They were, indeed, very creative. Creative Acrylics’ products were made in the USA.

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