Go West Studios

Go West Studios used to manufacture a variety of lovely clear acrylic albums. They used to be available on ebay, but we haven’t seen them there lately and we’re not sure where to find them currently.

If you’re looking for clear albums and acrylic albums, there are still many other amazing clear albums and scrapbooking supplies available, so please be sure to visit our other pages to check them out:

It’s sad that we can’t find the Go West albums any more. Some of their albums were completely clear, and some of them were clear with etched patterns on the covers. They were so artistic! You could easily embellish and customize the patterned covers just as easily as you could with the plain clear ones. But, if you didn’t feel like embellishing them, you didn’t have to feel pressured to, because they looked fabulous without doing anything to them at all. This seller also offered a variety of acrylic accessories including tags, alphabets, monograms and other shapes.

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