House Albums

This page features house and building shaped clear albums. Depending on how you embellish these, you could transform any of them into a beach cottage, bungalow, Victorian manor, holiday-themed gingerbread house, holiday hideaway, love shack, schoolhouse, church, wedding chapel, suburban home, ETC.

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House Shaped Chipboard Albums

If a clear album isn’t quite what you’re looking for, perhaps you’d rather make a house-shaped chipboard album.

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NOTE: If you want to create a smaller / simpler house shaped clear album and you already own a Zutter Bind It All Machine (plus some creativity!) you might also be interested in checking out some of the cool arrow shaped clear albums. You can flip the arrow shaped clear album on its side, remove the binder ring it came with, and find a creative way of binding the arrow album using the Zutter Bind it all Machine. I was thinking that the binding could be placed at the top left angled part on the roof. Maybe. I haven’t tried this yet because I don’t have a Bind It All Machine (yet), but I sure do want one! If anyone tries this, please report back and let us all know how it goes. Thanks!

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Instructions For How To Make Designer House-Shaped Scrapbook Albums

You might also be interested in seeing Tonya’s AKA Rainedakota’s instructions for creating house (and other) shaped albums. Tonya creates a variety of lovely, innovative and unique designer scrapbook albums. Her design work is very detailed and creative, and her albums consistently sell for high prices on ebay. She sells instructional CDs that will give you lots of guidance for creating your own house-shaped scrapbook albums using her techniques. Her CDs include numerous photos too. NOTE: THE SCRAPBOOK ALBUMS FEATURED IN HER INSTRUCTIONAL CD ARE NOT CLEAR ALBUMS . However, many of the techniques that she uses for embellishing her house shaped albums could be adapted to use with clear albums, which is why I am featuring them on this page.

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