Clear Albums Web Site Progress Report: New Articles and Product Page

This site still isn’t ready for public consumption yet, but I’m happy to report that it’s getting closer every day. The navigation is really bizarre at the moment. Sorry about that! And the header still doesn’t work correctly either. Despite that, I have been building and linking pages. The first new product page on the web site is this page about Rhonna Farrer’s Transparent Borders from the French Twist Collection by Autumn Leaves. I love these! I first discovered them several months ago when I was looking for products to feature on this web site. Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough about getting the site online so this particular product is now somewhat hard to find.

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I also have a couple of articles that are posted and ready for you to read. One of them is called General Instructions For How To Design a Clear Album. If you’ve never actually put together a clear album and you have no idea how to do it, this article might help. I also have an article called Introduction to Clear Albums that you might find helpful as well if you are brand new to creating with clear albums.

There isn’t much else to see on this site so far. If you somehow wandered in, I really hope that you will bookmark the site and check back in about a week because there should be a lot more content available then. Thanks so much for your interest, and thanks a lot for stopping by.

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