Web Site Updates and Design Team Announcement

Things on this Clear Albums web site are starting to come together more since my last few posts! I’m excited! The navigation at the top of the page is now functional, although some of the pages haven’t been built yet. The navigation at the left hand side of the page works, but it is still really disorganized. Sorry about that! It will take me a few days to get that sorted out. I have some major improvements planned. Also, I apologize in advance if you are inconvenienced by stumbling onto a blank or unfinished page. I hope that I can get this web site nearly finished up within the next week or so. The reason I say “nearly” is because I will still be adding more projects to the Clear Albums site once I choose a design team! I am working on creating some of my own free project ideas for scrapbooking, mini books, and altered books that use clear albums. But in my opinion the Clear Albums web site won’t be really truly finished until I have some additional project ideas from my design team.

Which leads me to the most fun part of this post…choosing the Clear Albums Design Team! I anticipate that the Clear Albums Design Team will work differently than many design teams that scrapbookers may be familiar with…because this gig pays actual money

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( not product ) and has no message board posting requirements, no long-term commitment, no working with products you don’t like (because you get to choose them!) and (hopefully) no stress whatsoever. I anticipate that the Clear Albums Designers will be working on a freelance, per-project basis. This will allow the designers to make best use of their time and talents.

I am still working out the final details of the Design Team call. So, if this sounds interesting to you, please check back. The Design Team call will be announced shortly, hopefully some time this coming week. I will be posting the call here on this page: The Clear Albums Design Team Page. Right now it’s just another blank page, but if you want to bookmark it, it won’t be blank for long…

Thanks so much for dropping by! Hope you are having a fabulously interesting and creative weekend.

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