Giveaway: You Could Win a BRAND NEW Clear Scraps Sandcastle Clear Album!

Updated to add: Don’t forget to click here and check out the Sneak Peeks we posted of BRAND NEW CHA Clear Scraps Albums and Scrapbooking Supplies!

Would you like to win a BRAND NEW Clear Scraps Sandcastle Shaped Clear Acrylic Album? Well, here is your chance! In honor of the CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) Trade show taking place January 24-27 2009, Clear Scraps is hosting a giveaway of one of their latest, greatest, brand new clear albums. Check it out!

Sand Castle Shaped Clear Scrapbooking Album by Clear Scraps. Brand new for January CHA 2009.

We’ll be randomly choosing one winner to win this clear album!

Here’s what you have to do to be entered in this random giveaway:

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1) Tell us all about what you plan to make with the Sand Castle Clear Album! We’d love to hear your ideas for how to use it!

2) Promise that you will actually make something with the Sand Castle Clear Album if you win it, and that when your new creation is finished, you will email us photos of your project so that we can post them for everyone to admire!

The fine print:

  • One entry per person, please.
  • International entries are welcome and encouraged!
  • Clear Scraps employees and design team members are not eligible for this giveaway. employees and design team members are not eligible for this giveaway either. Everyone else is more than welcome to participate! The more the merrier! Please don’t be shy! And tell your friends too.
  • Please post your comments on or before Wednesday, January 21st. Winner will be chosen within a few days afterwards and will be posted on the blog.
  • Winner will be required to provide a non-PO Box mailing address and phone number so that we can ship your new Sandcastle Clear Album to you (we typically ship by UPS ground.)
  • Please allow approx. 2-3 weeks after we receive your mailing address for us to get the set in the mail to you. It might or might not take quite that long.

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates. I can’t wait to read all about what you would make with this if it were yours.

Click here to see Clear Scraps January 2009 CHA products sneak peeks and project ideas!

Updated again to add that the Sand Castle Clear Album is now available for sale at You can also buy a chipboard version of this album as well.

48 Replies to “Giveaway: You Could Win a BRAND NEW Clear Scraps Sandcastle Clear Album!”

  1. Is this where I leave my response on what to do with the sandcastle clear album? Well, It reminds me of the Fantasyland castle at disneyland, so i would create an adorable album centered around our daughters visits with all the disney princesses. probably very pink and purple and lots of glitter. And of course, I promise to actually use it and photo it and send it in to you for verification and to let you know how grateful I was to receive it.:) Thanks

  2. am i really the first one to comment??? ok, first off, with the email name “Coastal Susan” you KNOW I have beach photos and lots of ’em. I live on the beautiful south shore of Long Island, NY, only two miles from the Great South Bay and Heckscher State Park. I spend a lot of time at the ocean on Fire Island and also out east in the Hsmptons. And I go to the gulf coast of Florida every winter or spring when it’s too chilly to go to the beach up here. So this book was just made for me!!! I have all kinds of beautiful beach papers and embellishments that I have been saving up, just witing for the perfect project to come along. And now this is it!!! So please, oh pretty please, pick me…I can’t wait to show youa little bit of paradise!!! Thanks so much, Coastal Susan, aka “Susan in NY”

  3. oooooh how cute! I love it.I would use all my fun summer photos that I have and make a cute summer fun beach book! Oh I love it! how cute, and it does look like a princess castle.I might make it a princess book about my neice! No matter what, I would use it and send photos for sure, it is so cute!!! Picke me :o)!!!

  4. This would be perfect (and quite possibly the push I need) for all the beach photos I have from our Summer camping trip! One of our beach traditions is to dig a huge hole in the sand and bury the kids, well not totally. This has been going on since I was a child…ooohh I could do a whole album just about that!

  5. THis is adorable…I would use for our 1st trip to the beach with our kids. It would be cute for disney too.

  6. While my first thought was pictures from the beach or pictures of my daughter dressing up as a princess, but my overwhelming favorite is to do a mini-book about why my life is a fairy tale…

    We definitely have our challenges right now with the economy and the threat of layoff, but it would be a great way to look at the really good things – like health and happiness and friends and home – and remind ourselves that life can still be a fairy tale. Didn’t Sleeping Beauty spend years asleep? Doesn’t the princess always get rescued in the end after something bad happens? Hmmm… That’s what I would do, given the chance.

  7. As I’m in England I’m thinking knights and maidens, Merlin and magic and maybe a love story! I just know I would love to get my hands on it and play!!!

  8. Ooohhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with acrylic albums! It’s became my new fave!
    We try to spend a week at the Outer Banks in North Carolina each year. I think that this adorable sand castle album would be too stinkin’ cute for this! I am already dreaming up ways to use real sand on this baby!!

    And OH YEAH!! I would for sure promise to create something with this cute album! Thanks for the chance to win this!!

  9. when my girls were younger, we spent nearly every summer day at the beach. This album would be just perfect for chronicling those wonderful memorable years. Oh please just give me a chance!!

  10. Hmmmm for me this album would be a toss up between 3 things…
    1) Our trip to Florida
    2) Trips to the beach pver the last 5 years with my son
    3) A fairytale story about my son being a prince..hehehee
    I probably wouldnt decide until I saw it in real life, but I would definetly make something..i love acrylic.
    Trace G

  11. Well, the first thing that I thought of is pictures of our recent Key West vacation, but I love the other ladies ideas of a Disney World book and I have a ton of those pics that I dont know what to do with, so maybe that.

  12. My daughter’s brownie troop had a princess party where they all dressed up, put make up on and had their hair done. I would fix this album up for her to remember that fun day. She would love it! I can see all the pinks and purples and glitter in my mind’s eye already.

  13. Love it! Keeping with the sand castle theme, I would love to make it a book of some great pics I have of my kids playing in the sand. I have a few “sand” techniques that I think would be very fun to use with this! Thanks for the chance!

  14. TOO FUN! I live in Astoria, Oregon and my two year old LOVES the beach. This would be so much fun to scrap last years sandcastle/beach fun in. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I have not yet had the opportunity to work with any clearalbum, but I think it look cool, the ones I have seen.

    My album would be filled with my little princess. 🙂 She is only 2½ but oh, what she loves faries, princesses and pink.. *l*

    We live in Sweden btw..

  16. this is so awesome! we took our kids to the atlantic ocean for the first time this summer. this would be the perfect memory book

  17. I so love your Sandcastle Acrylic Album!!! After decorating each page, I plan to separate each piece, mount it in clay covered with sand in several layers, creating sort of a stand-alone shadow box. The effect is that it will make the sandcastle look three-dimensional!!! This would make a great standing table decor.

  18. I love Disney like many have said above. We take a trip to Disney World every year. My daughter does not have a growth chart at out home but we just take a picture of her in front of the castle every year, so that has become her growth chart of sorts. So I would use this album to tell that story. Oh and I am raising my right hand and saying “I, Jessica Ball promise to use this album, take pictures of my finished project and send the pictures to you via email” 🙂

  19. I love all your clear albums and this one is just as unique as the rest. I have some old photos of my family on a beach trip but I also have recent photos some of my niece on vacation at the beach. I would love to give this to my brother as a gift of that trip.

  20. I can think of 2 themes I would do to the album:
    1) Paris Disneyland photos, taken in Oct 08, which I’ve yet to scrap.
    2) Our vacation in Singapore (in Aug 08), a paradise island to me.

  21. My three year old is princess crazy. She sings like Ariel all the time. When we play, she tells me she is Cinderella and I am Ariel.

    We are having Sydney’s 4th birthday in March. We are doing a princess-themed birthday party. I do an album each year of her birthday party. I have been busy buying up princess paper, flowers, and naturally BLING. This album would be so cute and perfect for the occasion.

  22. This is soooooooo fun!!!! i think i ma just be using this for my parents old wedding photos!!! I am thinking of incorporating vintage fairytale story books, trims and just hoping for a romantic vintage look =)

  23. There is no place more relaxing than the beach and nothing more fun than making sandcastle. If I were to win this AWESOME album, I would make a sandy fun sandcastle album.

  24. I love this clear album!! To me, it reminds me of the Disney castle so I would love to use it to scrap the pictures of my girls at Disney World. I wouldn’t use the themed Disney prints and embellies, just lots of fun pp!!!


  25. O my goodness, I would JUMP at a chance to play with this cute album! I would probably create a lot of see-through’s, with deco tape and stamps and other cuteness, all in bright summer colors. Make it magical!

    I would either use it to scrap our California pics (we live in the Netherlands but toured the West Coast on two seperate occasions) or some very precious beach pics of my three little munchkins! I have lots, made last summer.

    Oh can’t wait. Sigh. LOL. Bye now!

  26. How cute! I love it and it will be so perfect for some pictures I have! I will make an album from a trip that we spent at my brother-in-law’s cottage which is right on the beach at Inverhuron, Ont., CA! We had so much fun playing on the beach and the kids built a huge sandcastle for a contest and they even came in 1st place! This will be awesome for those photos!!!!

  27. I love this album! It is so cute! It would be a toss up as to what theme to use. It would be great with beach photos of course. But then there is Disney pictures or even the story of my little prince!
    I would love to use this album and of course send you picutres!!

  28. oh I would simply just love to play with this album
    but instead of “beach” theme which is the first thing to jump to mind
    I would just love to take this album and build it up in a vintage stlye using old family photos through the generations with the theme
    “King of the Castle been my Grandfather or my Father depending on what I select from the generations

  29. I would love to win the castle album. My granddaughter just celebrated here fourth birthday and received a princess pop-up which would look great in this album. She loves princess anything.

  30. love this this album I grow up spending the month of august at the beach in new jersy at my grandparent house .it might take time to gather enough picture to fill the book but between my time at the beach as a child and the trip i took my child on to the same beach club to see where i spent my summer would be fun and a little bit of a challenge that i would like too create. i even have a picture of my mother as a teen ager at that same beach.

  31. As a true blue Aussie, in the midst of summer, and, with Australia Day right around the corner (Jan 26),
    I would literally, paint, sand, and distress this album in blues, whites and maybe even sprinkle on some real sand… then I’d add photos of my family and friends, swimming in the ocean, playing cricket on the beach, having BBQ lunch, checking out the sand sculptures at Manly Beach, and finally, watching the celebratory fireworks in the evening !

    Cheers !

  32. I have LOTS of photos from our Hilton Head vacation that are screaming for a place to be shown off and this book would be perfect. I’ve been itching to scrap these photos but just haven’t found the right “stuff” to scrap it.

  33. This is so cute and our family just went to Disneyland and the beach for the first time so I have a boatload of photos and would create a fun California 2008 album. I have sand to add and a bunch of cute memorabilia so I would love to win. Your owl album is supercute too so thanks for sharing with us!!!

  34. I love this album! As soon as I saw it I had an idea! In my house, (I have 5 sons) we always have a ton of teenage boys here. They’re always telling me that this is their other home, and as humble as my home is, we really feel like its our castle. I would do an album of my family and all of my extended family (all of my sons friends) and have this on display always for all of them to enjoy.

  35. I love the sandcastle album and I have the perfect photos just waiting to be scrapped in Australia every year we have a sand sculpture display and last year it was nursery rymes and fables I have the most beautiful photos of my 2 children with all of the sculptures there favorites were The Wizard of oz Alice in Wounderland and the big sculpture of all the nursery ryhme characters

  36. Wow what a nice album! My 2nd son, David adores the beach so I’ll be putting his photos in this album. I might also pull the album apart, add more holes so it’ll be like a strip of sand castles lined up, then put beach photos and display it somewhere in our room.

  37. I would definitely make a vacation album about our past shore house with this cute album, and promise I’ll send photos when its done. Can’t wait to see the other new releases!

  38. i would love to use this album to scrap the pictures of my childrens first time at the ocean and how they were so amazed and curious and had so much fun playing in the sand for the first time and how much fun it was i love your products and would love the chance to try out this album and would definately send pics your way when i am finished thank you

  39. I have 5 beautiful Grandchildren, one of them loves to be buried in the sand every year at Panama City Beach, Florida he will probably be the center of attention should I win this darling sandcastle. Ever since you got me started on these projects it has been my weakness, or strength I guess. I love the fact that every week or so I can look in your website and know something exciting is going to be coming soon, or get wonderful ideas. I have cut back on most of my scrapbooking spending, but am very addictive to you. I would love to have this castle to add to my collection, made several others as gifts for Christmas this last year, needless to say, they are loved by all. Thank you, thank you. Lynne

  40. Wow this is so cool I have a fantastic ideas, I am a single mom with a 15 year old son and trying to find things to do that would be a family project for us well this is it!!!! I would like to thank you for creating this sand-castle to inspire me. I have friends and family that have travelled from shore to shore through out Canada, to Mexico, The Bahamas, California, Florida (Disney World) South America, and overseas from Paris, Switzerland, Bosnia, Iraq, Korea, Australia and a few other places…. Everywhere they have gone they have brought back sand from the beaches and the deserts..including small sea shells, starfish, sand-dollars and a few small rocks. This is what I intend to do … Is dedicate a page to each place that was visited and affix the sand and items to the pages along with pictures of the friends and family that brought it back for me. This is so perfect….Thank you so much for this fabulous creation!!! You have just inspires a mom and son project that has been sitting waiting to happen. I cqan hardly wait to start.
    Connie Montgomery

  41. I’d love t have this and fill it with all kinds of photos of the beach, my kids and family for my kids to keep and show there children one day

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