Product Reviews: Fancy Pants Clear Cuts Sets

Fancy Pants Clear Cut Tabbed Album

The Pros: Things I like about Fancy Pants Clear Cuts Sets:

  • I love the variety of different sets available in this product line.
  • I love the variety of pieces you get in each set.
  • The die cut shapes are all outstanding as far as design and creativity goes.
  • The possibilities for what you can do with each set are unlimited. There are so many different possible uses!
  • You get a LOT of pieces with each set. With some of the sets, you will be able to make an entire clear album plus you will probably have plenty of pieces left over to embellish other projets.
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  • I’ve been really happy with every single project I created using the Fancy Pants Clear Cuts set I bought (Which was the tabbed book set.)
  • After you get them all punched out, these are easy to use and very easy to match up with papers, photos, and other products.
  • The Cons: Things I Do Not Like About Fancy Pants Clear Cuts Sets:

    • My biggest complaint about this product is that the clear material is very prone to cracking and splitting. This is especially true of the smaller, more delicate pieces in each set. You are going to have to be very, very careful when you punch these pieces out. If you aren’t careful, some are going to break. Even if you are careful, some are still probably going to break. That was my experience. For that reason, I really wouldn’t recommend this product to the impatient scrapper. If you aren’t willing to take your time and be careful than you are likely to be disappointed with these. If you are willing to take your time and punch carefully than I honestly think you are going to LOVE love love this product!.

      There is a bright side to this, though. In lots of cases, you might be able to camouflage a split if you get creative. Take a look at the photo below. See the little asterick shaped embellishments that I used as snowflakes? They are embellishments that originally came with the Fancy Pants Clear Cuts Tabbed Book Set. There is a smaller one layered on top of the larger one. Well, the only reason I did that was because I accidentally cracked the larger one and I wanted to cover up the crack. I ended up being pretty happy with the layered look I achieved, so it turned out to be a good thing in this case. This product may challenge your creativity to find new ways of problem solving, which is never totally a waste.

    • Snowflake Shaped Album

    The Verdict: Fancy Pants Clear Cuts Sets Are Recommended.

    Overall, I think this is a great product and I am happy to recommend it to you. I bought one myself, and was thrilled with it. I absolutely love the projects I created with it. I spent my own money ordering my Fancy Pants Clear Cut Set, and I was pleased with it; I did not receive the product for free or as a promo for payment for reviewing it. Please do keep in mind, however, that I do not recommend this product for overly impatient scrappers or for total beginners. If you are very impatient or if you are a total beginner, I would recommend that you start with a clear album that is more forgiving of mistakes- for example, Clear Scraps acrylic albums are much more forgiving (they resist cracking and splitting and they are very flexible.) I’ve tried lots of different clear albums and clear products, and Clear Scraps, so far, are definitely my favorites. However Fancy Pants makes some really fantastic stuff too and this is definitely one of those products. The innovative die cut shapes make these sets well worth trying out. I hope you’ll like them as much as I enjoyed mine!

    Posted by: Amy Solovay

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