Snowflake-Shaped Scrapbook Album With a Skiing Theme

Ski Mini Book Using the Maya Road Snowflake Sheer Album

I used a snowflake-shaped album to create a scrapbook about one of my husband’s ski trips. If you want to make an album like this, you could use it with any winter-themed pictures. Here are free instructions for how to make this scrapbook album.

Photos of the Completed Album:

Mammoth Mountain, a Snowflake Shaped Sheer Coaster Album by Maya Road With Hambly Transparent Overlays and Title Made From Thickers by American Crafts

Another View of the Completed Mammoth Mountain Ski Themed Snowflake Coaster Sheer Album by Maya Road

Supplies Used To Create This Mini Album:

Scrapbooking Supplies For Making a Snowflake Sheer Album

  • Maya Road Snowflake Shaped Sheer Coaster Album. This album has now been discontinued, but you could use a similar album. The Clear Scraps snowflake shaped album is one possibility.
  • The Alphabet Letters in the Title are letter stickers by American Crafts; I used Black Tie Velvet Thickers Letter Stickers, but you could use any letter stickers you like – or for that matter, any other solution; rubber stamp your letters, die-cut them, or print them out on the computer and cut them out. Just be sure to choose letters that are proportionate in size to your album; you don’t want to use really big letters on a tiny album. My album is smallish, so I chose to use letter stickers with a small font.

  • Shortbread Patterned Paper From the “Spring and Summer” Collection by American Crafts (Oh, the irony, to use it in a winter-themed clear album! Hahaha.)
  • Decorative Scissors
  • Hambly Snowflakes Transparent Patterned Overlay
  • Bloom Twirl Frosty Lace Cardstock by KI Memories
  • The 2 transparent blue snowflake embellishments on the front of the album are from the Fancy Pants Tabbed Book Clear Cuts Set.
  • Turquoise Pearl Ex by Jacquard Products
  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Weathered Wood
  • Ice Blue Fluid Chalk Cat Eye Ink Pad
  • Silver Trim
  • Blue Lace Patterned Paper From the Little Yellow Bicycle Delightful Collection
  • Metallic Gel Pen
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Mod Podge or Other Adhesive. Update: I used mod podge on this project. But, I recently discovered Zip Dry Paper Glue, thanks to the ladies at Clear Scraps.
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    I have now switched to using Zip Dry for all my clear albums. It’s really great! Try it! Mod Podge will always have a place in my craft supplies, but Zip Dry is definitely superior to Mod Podge for use with clear albums. It’s also great for gluing paper, because Zip Dry won’t curl the paper like Mod Podge and other liquid adhesives do.

  • Plus you will also need some winter-themed photos. My photos for this project are from a ski trip.

Instructions For How To Make This Winter-themed Mini Scrapbook Album:

First, choose the photos you are going to use for your mini album. Edit and print the photos if necessary.

Next, gather the supplies you are going to use. Or more accurately, the supplies you think you are going to use, in one spot.

Next, prepare journaling for each photo if you want your mini album to have journaling. For this particular mini book, I am going to skip this step. The photos I am using are from one of my husband’s ski trips; I didn’t go on the trip and I can pretty well guarantee you that my husband isn’t going to do any journaling, so forget journaling on this one. But just because I skip the journaling doesn’t mean you have to skip it if you decide to make one of these little albums!

See also: Scrapbook journaling: Should every scrapbook page have journaling?

Next, decide on the order that your photos and journaling will be displayed in the book. Figure out how many pages you will need, and whether or not you have enough pages. If your mini book doesn’t already come with enough pages, you can make more pages for it. Click here to see my article about how to make more pages for your clear album using transparencies and overlays. I made 3 extra pages for this mini book using the ultra-simple techniques I share in that article.

At this stage, I started experimenting with different effects I could get by layering papers overtop of one another. Here I have the Blue Lace patterned paper from Deja Views Little Yellow Bicycle Delightful Collection layered underneath of Twirl Frosty Lace Cardstock by KI Memories.

Layered scrapbooking papers

And here is a Hambly Snowflakes Overlay layered overtop of the same Blue Lace paper. That combination gives a slightly different effect.

Scrapbooking Transparency overlay layered on top of scrapbook paper

Next we have the Hambly Snowflakes overlay and the Twirl Lace Cardstock layered overtop of Kraft cardstock.

Scrapbooking transparency layered overtop of scrapbook papers and cardstock

I’ve decided that I like all these ideas, so I will be using them throughout the mini-album. Next I am going to cut some of the papers down to the same size and shape as my album. I start with the Little Yellow Bicycle Blue Lace patterned paper. First I trace around it with a metallic gel pen so that I can see where I want to cut.

Then I cut it out.

Next I inked around the edges with Ice Blue Fluid Chalk ink by Clearsnap. It’s helpful to use a smaller cat-eye ink pad (rather than using a larger inkpad) when you ink around detailed shapes like this.

Snowflake Page With Ice Blue CatEye Fluid Chalk Ink Pad Plus Blue Glitter Gel Pen.

I have handy the pages that I made from the Hambly Snowflakes Overlay/Transparency:

Snowflake Shaped Page For the Maya Road Sheer Album. Made From a Hambly Snowflakes Clear Overlay Transparency.

Here’s how the page made from Blue Lace paper looks with one of the pages from the Hambly Snowflakes Overlay / Transparency laid on top. I like this effect! I am going to set it aside to be embellished later, while I work on more of the basic foundation pages for the clear album.

Pages From Amy Solovay's Snowflake Shaped Clear Album

The next step is to do the same thing for the Twirl Frosty Lace Cardstock. This paper is a bit trickier to trace around and cut out because it is die cut, but it is worth the effort because the end result looks really interesting. After I was finished cutting it out, I attached it to one of the snowflake-shaped album pages. I did this using Mod Podge as my adhesive, and I used a sponge brush to brush the Mod Podge onto the die cut paper. (If you do this too, make sure you have a roll of paper towels handy.) There are plenty of other adhesives that would work well for this if you’d rather use a different adhesive instead.

If you make this project too, you will want to flip the page over and take a look at the back (after the adhesive is dry.) See how I have uneven little bits and pieces hanging over the edges of the page? Those need to be cleaned up. Use either an X-acto knife, , craft knife or tiny scissors to cut off the excess paper before proceeding. Be careful that you do not cut the actual sheer album page though.

At this point, I thought the edges of the snowflake looked “unfinished” and I wanted to give them some emphasis. I roughly traced around the edges with a black Sharpie marker.

Tracing Around the Snowflake Clear Album Page With a Black Sharpie Marker

The Unfinished Snowflake Sheer Album Page- in Progress

Snowflake Sheer Album Page Before the Edges Have Been Inked

Then I inked around the edges of the snowflake page using Tim Holtz’s “Weathered Wood” Distress Ink. I used rough, uneven strokes with the ink pad to achieve a distressed effect.

Snowflake Sheer Album Page With Distress Ink by Tim Holtz

Next I used the Ice Blue Fluid Chalk again to ink the edges even more, filling in some of the more uneven places from the previous layer of Distress Ink.

Next, I added all the embellishments to finish the front cover. I spelled out “Mammoth Mountain” using letter stickers; you’ll probably want to choose a different title for your album.

I cut all my pictures for this album into circle shapes, and attached them to my album pages. For your own album, at this point, you’d want to attach your pictures, create page titles, and also attach your journaling (if you wrote any.) You’d also probably want to dress up the pictures a bit with embellishments. Or, maybe not; it depends on who you’re making the album for, and what that person likes.

My husband doesn’t like a lot of embellishments on his pages, so for my album, that was that. I left his photos plain and un-embellished. He doesn’t like having ribbon and flowers and stickers cluttering up his pages. Your mileage may vary!

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