Year of 4 Clear Mini Album

Colorful Clear Mini Album Designed by Mel Nunn Using Pageframe Designs Acrylic
Side View of the Pages and Embellishments in Mel Nunn's Clear Tabbed Mini Acrylic Album

Designed by Mel Nunn

This album was made for my daughter to record her year as a 4 year old.
Each page has little strips of patterned paper or labels/die cuts where a small amount of journaling is hand written. The journaling is a general reflection on what was happening ion the photo or where we were.

General Supplies:


All measurements are in inches.

I used blue Carolee’s Creations stickers on all the tabs in the album after I finished. I used words that went with the photos such as “learn” and “smile”. These words tied in with the journaling on each page.



  • Paper: Creative Imaginations lagoon dot die cut cardstock;
  • rub ons and chipboard: Basic Grey;
  • Clear Sticker: American Crafts;
  • die cut frame: Making Memories, from the Noteworthy Collection;
  • letters: Carolee’s Creations;
  • Glitter: Art Warehouse;
  • Rhinestones: Kaiser.

  • Cut blue die cut paper into 3×3, cutting another piece exactly the same so that the die cut holes match up when it is placed back to back. Put the second piece aside, this will be used inside the cover.
    Adhere paper to centre of cover. Cover the chipboard number with glitter. Set aside to dry. Add die cut frame to centre of paper, add rub on and clear sticker to cover. Adhere glittered number and clear flower. Add title with letter stickers to clear sticker and embellish sticker and flower with rhinestones.

    This Photo Shows the Inside Front Cover and The First Page of Mel Nunn's Clear Acrylic Mini Album

    Inside Cover:


    Adhere 3×3 blue paper in same position as previous page, then add die cut and letter stickers to the centre of the paper.

    Page 1:


    The Sassafras Lass paper is double sided so that when adhered to one page, the pattern will show through to the next page. I have taken advantage of this to save on time and also supplies.

    Cut the paper to 3 ½ x 3 ¼ . Line up where you would like to place the paper and the photograph on the next page so that you only put the adhesive on the part of the paper that will be covered up by the photo on the underside.

    A good way to do this is to put adhesive on your photo that is going on page 2. Hold up the page with the patterned paper behind it and stick the photo in position on page 2. Turn over the page so you are back on page 1. Now you can see exactly where the photo will cover the paper. Put adhesive on the page on this area and then add the patterned paper. Any additional areas that get covered up on the next page via embellishments can then be lifted up and glued for extra support. Use this method later on where paper is double sided.

    Add a bird and butterfly rub on to the right hand side of the page, and also adhere photo. Add a rainbow scallop cur from Sassafras Lass paper above the photo.
    Add flower to left hand side of photo and adhere owl chipboard to the centre of the flower. Glue rickrack to the left hand side of the photo.

    Page 2:


    Your photo is in place already. Add rub on to photo and the die cut to the right hand side. Add button and chipboard.

    Page 3:


    Scallop the bottom and one side of a 3 x 3 ½ piece of American Crafts paper. Cut an orange slice from Sassafras Lass paper. Cut a half-inch strip from Sassafras Lass heart paper.
    Using the method described above for attaching double-sided paper, adhere scalloped paper, photograph and strip. Layer blue gel swirl, orange slice and rhinestone and adhere to top right-hand corner of photo. Add a small piece of felt rickrack to bottom of photo.
    Add border rub on to far left hand side of page down the length (on the inside of the holes).

    Page 4:


    You should have your photo adhered already on this page, so that the adhesive for the patterned paper on the back is hidden. Add a 1 x 3 strip of Creative Imaginations paper under the right hand side of the photo.
    Add a clear sticker to the left bottom corner of the page, and layering a prima flower, and flower cut from Sassafras Lass paper on the corner of the photo. Add a small plastic flower and embellish flower centres with rhinestones.
    Adhere one large scallop cut from Sassafras Lass paper border and overlap with a small piece of rickrack.

    Page 5:


    Adhere clear corner sticker to page. Add a square die cut label to the top right hand side of the page.
    Adhere photo overlapping both and leaving a small amount of the die cut exposed to journal on.
    Embellish with a flower die cut and a button tied with twine.

    Page 6:


    Adhere photo and die cut in the same place as the die cut and photo are showing from the previous page. Embellish left corner of photo with a chipboard button tied with twine.

    Page 7:


    Paint around edge of clock with paint. Adhere to page using glue dots so that clock hangs slightly over the edge of the page.
    Adhere photo with a small half-inch strip of paper tucked under. Photo placement is so that a hole needs to be punched through the photo for the binding rings.
    Add rub on to clock overlapping photo, and add Sassafras Lass scallop of paper to the right of photo. Embellish with rhinestone.

    Page 8:


    Adhere photo and scallop of border paper in the same position as previous page.
    Adhere rickrack and chipboard shape with rhinestone.

    Page 9:


    Adhere the page to the wrong side of the die cut paper so that the scallop edge crosses halfway down the page. Cut around page with a craft knife. Re punch binding holes. It is easiest to do the same for the next page now before adding any embellishments and photos.
    To add the die cut paper to the next page, line up the scallops evenly on both sides and draw around the page in pencil. Cut out paper and adhere, remembering to punch the binding holes.
    Add a clear sticker to the right hand side of the page and embellish with rhinestones.
    Adhere a label die cut to the right of the photo.

    Page 10:


    • chipboard button: Crate Paper;
    • Rhinestones: Kaiser.
    • twine

    Adhere photo on top of scalloped paper in the same position as previous page. Embellish underside of clear sticker with rhinestones.
    Tie twine through chipboard button and adhere where the back of the label die cut can be seen through the other page.

    Page 11:


    Cut American Crafts paper to 2 x 31/2 and adhere to page under photo.
    Cut flower from Sassafras Lass paper and adhere to bottom right corner of photo. Embellish with rhinestones.
    Tear a 3 ½ inch strip of paper lace and adhere above photo. Cover the strip with a selection of buttons and chipboard shapes.
    Add butterfly rub on to area between binding holes.

    Pageframe Designs Clear album by Mel Nunn with Sassafras Lass patterned paper and embellishments by Basic Grey, Kaiser, Karen Russell and Chatterbox

    Page 12:


    Adhere photo to the same position as previous page.
    Add a scallop from the Sassafras Lass border paper, to the left of the photo.
    Adhere a 3 ½ inch strip of paper lace above the photo and embellish with rhinestones.
    Apply rub on under photo, and chipboard phrase overlapping photo on the right hand side.

    Page 13:


    Tear along the bottom of a 3 x 3 ½ piece of Sassafras Lass paper.
    Adhere to page using method described on page 1.
    Adhere photo and a 2 x 1 piece of Creative Imaginations paper underneath.
    Add die cut with chipboard centre (to the bottom left of photo) and orange slice cut from Sassafras Lass paper (to the top right).

    Clear Acrylic Mini Album by Mel Nunn with Die Cut by Making Memories and Other Embellishments by Sassafras Lass and American Crafts

    Page 14:


    Photo should already be adhered because of the double sided paper method from previous page. Overlap photo with die cut to top left, cloud sticker to bottom right and rickrack above cloud.

    4 Album Inside back cover:


    Cut brown print paper to 3 ½ x 2 ½ and adhere to bottom centre of page.
    Add the rub on above the paper on the page.
    Thread twine in a chipboard button and adhere to bottom left of die cut, and a rainbow scallop to the right of the die cut.

    Back Cover:


    Cut out a flower from the Sassafras Lass paper and adhere to the top centre of the patterned paper on the page.
    Add clear sticker label and write the date. Embellish flower and label sticker with rhinestones.

    Remember to add your words on the tabbed pages and to journal on each page. Little strips and die cuts etc have been used to journal on in my album and sometimes on the photos too. Feel free to journal wherever you please including straight on the clear pages as well!

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