Choosing an adhesive to use with your clear album can be tricky business. There are 2 main considerations: one is that the adhesive, if it does not dry perfectly clear and evenly, will be visible from the other side of your clear album page. The other is that some adhesives may not stick to the clear albums, or may lose their grip over time.

Dry adhesives like double-stick tape typically work well, but can usually be seen from the back. Use them if you plan to cover the other side of the page with something so they can not be seen.

By far, the best adhesive discovery I have made is Zip Dry Paper Glue. Don’t let the name fool you! It isn’t just for paper, although this adhesive is truly amazing on both paper and acrylic. There are so many wonderful things about this adhesive: it doesn’t wrinkle paper. It dries clear. If applied and spread carefully and evenly, you can even use it on any area of your acrylic album that will be seen from the back. I haven’t finished testing all possible adhesives, but so far Zip Dry is my first choice.

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Helmar makes some adhesives that are compatible with clear albums too.

Glue Dots are a truly fantastic adhesive for use with clear albums also. Glue dots are really easy to use. Some of them can be seen from the back, although they are usually not very noticeable. The transparent ones shown on this page are better than most for this purpose.

Spray adhesives work well with clear albums; So does Diamond Glaze, although Diamond Glaze is not scratch-proof. I also like working with Mod Podge, because it comes in a variety of different finishes (I like the glossy!) and can be used as a sealer as well as adhesive. Mod Podge claims to be “for all surfaces”.

You will want to make sure that you apply smooth, even coats of your chosen adhesive. You will also want to wash your hands frequently during this process so that you do not get fingerprints all over your clear album, especially when the adhesive gets on your fingers.

Here are some adhesives that can be used with clear albums. Some of them work better than others depending on the album and what it is made of. It is good to experiment and test small areas first.

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