Binder Rings

Metal Binder Rings for Scrapbooking

Also Helpful for Organizing Recipes, and for School /Home / Office Use.

Scrapbooks and mini albums come in many different configurations. Some albums come with book rings, and some require that you buy book rings separately. Even if your album comes with book rings, they might be made from metal that’s not quite the ideal color for the papers, accessories and photos you’ll be using. So sometimes it might be advantageous for you to buy book rings in a color that’s closer to what you want.

Loose-leaf-style binder rings also have other uses. If you like to cook (or even if you don’t,) they’re handy for keeping your recipe cards organized. Just punch a hole in the card and place it on the ring in the spot you want it to be.

If you have kids (or grandkids) who are in school, they might like to use rings like these for holding their index cards or flash cards together in one place.

If you’d like to buy book rings for one or more of your projects, the following book rings are available for sale on the Internet.

Project Ideas for Using Binder Rings:

Does looking at these binder rings inspire you? If not, or if you’re wondering what to do to make the best use of them, here are a few ideas.

Tie Ribbon to Plain Metal Binder Rings for Added Visual Interest:

While I love the look of colored binder rings, it’s usually cheaper and easier to just use the plain-jane loose-leaf metal binder rings that come with my albums or album kits. In order to personalize them a little more, I like to add ribbon to enhance the look. One example is this mini clear album.

Beach Vacation Mini Album With Ribbon and a Binder Ring

This Mini Album Features a Metal Binder Ring With Ribbons Embellishing It.

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Tiny Tag-Shaped Mini Album With Ribbon and Binder Ring

Another example: This teeny, tiny mini album is a hybrid digital and physical product. If you’d like to make a project similar to this one, be sure to visit this page for the free instructions, supply list and the digital download for the tag shaped album pages.

Tiny Embossed Mini Album Embellished With Ribbon Accents.

Remember: No matter what you’re holding together with your binder rings, a few snips of ribbon will help you to pretty them up and make them more appealing. Imagine how pretty your recipe cards would be if you dress them up with a little ribbon and maybe even a colored binder ring.

A Diary-Style School Year Calendar Featuring Colored Book Rings

A Diary-Style School Year Calendar Featuring Colored Book Rings

Mel Nunn created this charming clear calendar album using a tabbed acrylic album. Mel designed and shared the digital templates that she used to create the diary-style calendar section of the album. Click here to get the free instructions and digital templates for this project.

A Scrabook Album That Utilizes Colorful Album Rings

When Jodi Ethington created this lighthearted scrapbook, she chose to use colorful metal book rings that coordinated well with the other accents in her album.

Colored Binder Rings Accent the Photos and Embellishments Used in This Scrapbook Album.

Other Options:

Binder rings aren’t a good option if you have a whole bunch of pages you want to bind together. If you would like to create a more substantial scrapbook, art journal, or handmade book, you might prefer to take a look at the Zutter Bind-It-All machine, which is a machine you can use to create your own book bindings. The Zutter bind-it-all machine is compatible with Clear Scraps acrylic and chipboard albums, and Zutter also makes album covers and related supplies available. The Zutter machine is easily within the reach of the home-based artisan or crafter, and it’s easy to use.

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