Most regular stamp pads will not work with clear albums. This is because typical inkpads are formulated for use on porous surfaces such as paper. Clear albums are typically made of acrylic or similar plastic material. Since paper and acrylic are totally different materials, it takes a different kind of ink to adhere to the surface of the acrylic. Solvent-based inks such as Stazon, manufactured by Tsukineko, are recommended for use with clear albums. They also work with most other non-porous surfaces too. They give fantastic results on the clear transparencies and overlays that are so stylish right now. Alcohol inks, such as Tim Holtz’s alcohol inks manufactured by Ranger Industries, will also give good results.

Where To Buy Tsukineko Stazon Solvent Ink Pads For Clear Albums and Other Non-Porous Surfaces / Sta-zon / Staz-on

Stazon Inkpads For Sale at Ebay:

I have seen lots of Stazon ink pads for sale on ebay at prices well below retail. However, if you decide to buy on ebay, please choose carefully and remember to check feedback to be sure that you are buying from a reliable seller. A tip: Be sure whether you are purchasing a new item or a used item. Obviously, it is preferable to buy new, sealed stamp pads. If you do decide to buy used stamp pads, ask the seller to tape the cover of the ink pads so that they will not open up during shipping and make a mess. Yes, I learned this the hard way, because that is exactly what happened to me when a seller I dealt with did not pack the ink pads carefully.

The following list shows some of the Stazon auctions that are currently running. If you see one that interests you, you can click through for more information or to bid / buy.

[phpbay]stazon lot, 6, 11795, shelf[/phpbay]

Stazon Inkpads For Sale at Retail Stores:

Here are some of the various colors of StaZon that are currently available for sale at retail stores. If you see a color of Sta-zon ink that interests you, you can click through to buy from the retailer, or see more information.

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Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks by Ranger Industries

If you are willing to buy in quantity (and sometimes even if you aren’t), there are usually good deals on Tim Holtz alcohol inks to be found on ebay. Here are a few current auctions:

[phpbay]Holtz alcohol ink*, 6, 11795, “”[/phpbay]

Pinata Color by Jacquard

Are Brilliance Ink Pads by Tsukineko Compatible With Clear Albums?

I had been wondering whether Brilliance inkpads would work with clear albums. While I LOVE Stazon, Brilliance’s color palette is just so spectacular that I would definitely use Brilliance inks on my clear albums if it were possible! So I sent an inquiry to Tsukineko to get their expert opinions on the matter. Here is the email I sent:

Hello friends at Tsukineko!

I am emailing to ask if Brilliance ink would work on the acrylic
clear albums that are so popular right now. I’ve used Stazon on
acrylic albums with good results, but I just LOVE the Brilliance
colors soooo much. What do you think?

Thanks very much. With kind regards,

And here is the email I received in response:

Hello Amy,

Thank you for your email.

Theoretically Brilliance should work on acrylic. However I must admit Acrylic is not one of the selections on our compatibility chart. My best answer to you would be to test first. Always test first.

Susan ( our VP, and Chief Designer) advised that Brilliance may not adhere as well as Stazon, and may over time pick up scratches. It may also take longer to dry on acrylic.

I’m including a Compatibility Chart with this email. I refer to it often. Nearly everyday.
Sincerely yours,

Pam Hurnblad, CSR

So…there you have it- the official answer.

Personally, I haven’t tried it yet, but it is on my “to-do list” of things to try. If I do try it I will let you know how it turns out. If you have tried it, please post a comment and let us know your results!

[phpbay]brilliance ink*, 10, 3122, “”[/phpbay]

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