Press Release: Sakura Souffle Pens

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Press Release


For More Information: Peter Ouyang – Sakura of America – 800/776-6257 x118

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New Soufflé™ 3-D Ink Pen Rises to the Occasion

Hayward, CA, August 1, 2005

Sakura of America announced today their most recent ink innovation, the Soufflé pen. Lke the food dish of the same name, Soufflé ink rises, giving an embossed effect on coated papers and non-porous surfaces, such as stickers, plastic, glass and metal.

Like Glaze pens, Sakura’s other raised ink pen introduced last year, Soufflé provides “writing you can feel” and eliminates the need for heat guns and powders which crafters have had to use up until now to create embossed, or raised effects on papercrafts and other craft projects.

Peter Ouyang, Vice President of Product Development and Director of Marketing, explains Sakura’s excitement over Soufflé, “Soufflé gives crafters and consumers another choice in a raised ink pen, which no other company makes but Sakura. Soufflé’s ink dries to an opaque , matte finish which means Soufflé will also work on dark colored surfaces. This is a significant product development and we think consumers are going to respond to Soufflé as eagerly as they did to Glaze.”

To achieve its greatest effect, Soufflé rewards the patient user. Sakura recommends that someone using Soufflé waits two minutes after application so the ink can dry and rise to the touch without smearing.

Soufflé comes in ten colors: yellow, orange, light orange, pink, purple, light green, green, blue, gray, and in white. It will be offered in two-pack pouches of each color with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) per pack of $3.96. It will also be offered in a ten-color assortment with a MSRP, of $19.80. Sakura is offering retailers an attractive retail display featuring 36 ten-packs and 120 two-pack pouches, 12 packs of each color. Soufflé will be available in finer crafts, art and scrapbooking stores, nationally, starting November 1st, 2005.

Headquartered in Hayward, CA, Sakura of America is the U.S. subsidiary of privately held, Sakura Color Products Corp. of Osaka, Japan. Besides Soufflé and Glaze, Sakura manufactures the popular Gelly Roll® gel pen, Pigma® Micron fine-line pens, as well as many other high-quality writing instruments and art materials. Go to for more information on Soufflé pens.

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