I Love You Challenge With Clear Albums

Presenting the Clear Albums “I LOVE YOU” Challenge! Want a little motivation to get started creating a heartfelt, handmade gift album for someone you love? Here is a little challenge from us to you. This challenge comes just in time for Valentine’s Day…create a lovely new clear album for your Valentine sweetheart, or for someone in your family, or for your best friend, or for anyone you want to express your love for. When you are finished, you will have a gift that is truly worth giving!

Our Challenge To You!

The challenge: Create a gift-worthy clear album expressing your love for someone special. Just to make it challenging, be sure to include:

  • A memento that is significant to both of you in some way
  • Journaling that tells that person 3 or more reasons why you love them!
  • At least one photo that is memorable to both of you

This project must be completed in such a way that it fits the theme of clearalbums.com, using your choice of clear albums or sheer albums. (Any shape. Any size.) You could also use other clear materials in creative ways if you prefer- put together several transparencies, die cut your own clear shapes, or dazzle us with your other creative ideas! We’d love to see how creative you can get with this challenge!

Where To Buy Love Themed Scrapbooking Supplies, Stamps, Papers, and Embellishments:

If you’d like to take a look at some brand new love themed scrapbooking supplies, you have come to the right place. We put together a page featuring heart shaped clear albums, the new Love Letters collection by Making Memories, and heart stamps, and other assorted supplies you will LOVE. Please click here to see the love supplies page. We hope you will find it to be a useful resource.

The Prizes!

We will be awarding 3 different prizes!

Brand New Scrapbooking Supplies for CHA 2009: Clear Acrylic and Chipboard Mini Album Sets by Clear Scraps

One winner will win their choice of brand new Clear N Chip sets by Clear Scraps!

Clear Scraps Mini Acrylic Keychain Albums Brand New For CHA 2009

One winner will win their choice of brand new Clear Scraps minis!

Clear Albums For Scrappin, a Scrapbooking Idea Book by Janet Blair and the Clear Scraps Design Team, Published by Design Originals.

One winner will win a new idea book: Clear Albums for Scrappin’ by Janet Blair & Design Team, published by Design Originals.

Challenge Rules:

  • You can use any manufacturer’s clear albums. We don’t care whose clear albums you choose to work with; we love them all! 🙂
  • Your finished clear album can be any size or shape you choose. If you’re feeling especially creative, you can design and make your own! If you do, be sure to tell us all about how you did it! Don’t forget that Clear Scraps acrylic sheets can be die cut into shapes using the Sizzix die cutting machine, and also the Accucut die cutting machine. So if you want to create your own custom shaped acrylic clear album, keep that in mind!
  • You may submit as many entries as you like, but please send one separate email per entry.
  • International entries are welcome, and encouraged!
  • If your entry contains photographs, you must submit model releases and photographers releases along with your entry. In other words, you must get permission from the person or people who appear in the photographs to use their photograph(s) in your contest entry, and you must get permission from the photographer who took your photos to use their work in your contest entry. This is because, if you are chosen as a finalist, their photographs will be posted on this web site, and we wouldn’t want to do that without having their permission! Click here for the model release and click here for the photographer’s release.
  • The Deadline for submission is February 14, 2009, midnight at Pacific Time. Entries received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Incomplete entries may be rejected at our discretion.
  • Entries that do not follow the rules and guidelines will not be considered.
  • Members of the clearalbums.com design team are not eligible to participate in this challenge.
  • The judges’ decisions will be final.

How To Enter Your Love themed Project in the Challenge:

Here is the email address to send your entry to:

Email all of the following:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your snailmail address (so we know where to send your prize if you win one!)
  • Your Favorite New Clear Scraps Clear N Chip Set! (If you haven’t seen them yet, click here to see the sneak peek.) We need to know which one to send you if you win.
  • Your Favorite New Clear Scraps Mini. (If you haven’t already seen them, click here to see the sneak peek.) We need to know which one to send you if you win.
  • Supply list for the supplies used in your calendar. Please be specific! Here is an example. Good: Album- Clear Scraps 6×6 tabbed acrylic album. Paper- Making Memories Heart Doily 12×12 From the Love Notes Collection. Not so good: Album- Clear Scraps. Paper- Making Memories.
  • Any other information you’d like to point out about your project- for example, if you used a technique that needs explanation, etc.
  • Photo releases if applicable.

How Judging Works:

After you submit your contest entry, our preliminary judges will evaluate your entry on a points system. Here are some of the things we are going to be taking into consideration:

  • Design: composition, balance, placement of elements, cohesiveness, harmony, beauty, and overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Creativity: including but not limited to an innovative project theme, creative use of supplies, creative interpretation of the challenge etc.
  • Use of Color: effective and harmonious use of color, whether you choose to use brights, neutrals, pastels, shades of black and white, or a mix of all the above!
  • Craftsmanship
  • Techniques: Use this challenge as an opportunity to show us all the creative, unique, innovative, wild, and crazy techniques you can do with clear albums!

Any entry that receives more than a 75% total points score in the primary round of the challenge will be posted on the clearalbums.com web site and recognized as a finalist. After the deadline for entries has passed, our design team will evaluate all the finalists on a point score, and the points awarded to each project by all the judges will be totaled.

If all goes according to plan, we anticipate that the winners will be announced on or before the week of March 1st, and that prizes will be mailed out shortly thereafter.

We hope that this challenge will inspire you to get busy creating! We cannot wait to see all your amazing and creative challenge projects! Thanks in advance to everyone who submits a project for this challenge.

Some Love-ly Scrapbooking Inspiration For You!

Our design team has been hard at work creating their own interpretations of this challenge! We hope you will be inspired by their love themed clear albums.

“Love: Gifts From My Kids” A Clear Acrylic Wordbook Album by Cathy Schellenberg

Love Wordbook Clear Album With Patterned Papers by Cosmo Cricket and Lace Cardstock by KI Memories. Album is Manufactured by Clear Scraps.

Love Wordbook Clear Album With Patterned Papers by Cosmo Cricket and Lace Cardstock by KI Memories. Album is Manufactured by Clear Scraps.

Love Wordbook Clear Album With Patterned Papers by Cosmo Cricket and Lace Cardstock by KI Memories. Album is Manufactured by Apple Pie Memories.

Cathy Schellenberg has created this meaningful, heartfelt love-themed wordbook album documenting some of the sweet little drawings, cards and gifts her children have given her. The photos that Cathy has included in the album enhance and complement these mementos to make the album even more special. Things like this are so important to preserve in your scrapbooks, because those moments and memories can be so fleeting. If you don’t make an effort to remember them, they could easily be overlooked and forgotten. We hope Cathy’s lovely wordbook will inspire you to document and preserve your own important mementos too.

Cathy Says,

I used the Clear Scraps L-O-V-E wordbook as the feature on this project but it ended up being just the front. I also used 2 of the 12×12 sheets of acrylic (also Clear Scraps) to make the front and back covers of a scrapbook that would house all the little cards and poems my kids write me over the years. I decorated the LOVE wordbook as I would have usually (patterned paper is from the Hello Sunshine Collection by Cosmo Cricket, a few rub-ons, a journaling stamp, some pictures of me with my kids, and a few handwritten sentences about how much I love them). I also decorated 2 sheets of acrylic that I cut to 8 1/2 x 11 with Staz-on ink inked on through a piece of KI Memories’ Lace cardstock (as a mask). Then, with my Zutter Bind-it-All Machine, I punched coordinating holes in: the left-hand sides of all the LOVE album pages, the 2 sheets of acrylic , and about 30 pages of white/cream cardstock (also 8 1/2 x 11). I assembled and bound it together in this order (from bottom to top): Back acrylic cover, cardstock pages, front acrylic cover, Love album. And the result, is a short look at a few of my favourite pictures of my kids with me….a few handwritten statements about how I love them, and then a great place to house all the little Mother’s Day cards and Valentine treats that come home from school with them. On a few pages, I even wrote notes beside their creations so I’d remember where, or when they were made. And of course, many of the pages are blank so I can add more.

Hint: When you child brings home something enormous and you don’t want to throw it out but you have no place for it….take a picture of it, or scan it in and keep a record of it that way.

We’ll be adding more photos of Cathy’s delightful Clear Scraps Wordbook album to our project page shortly, so I hope you will check back soon to see it!

You Are The Pieces of My Heart: A Romantic Puzzle Shaped Clear Acrylic Album by Jodi Ethington

Puzzle Shaped Clear Album For Valentine's Day Or Anniversary Romance. Album is Manufactured by Apple Pie Memories.

Puzzle Shaped Clear Album For Valentine's Day Or Anniversary Romance. Album is Manufactured by Apple Pie Memories.

Jodi Ethington has created this fabulous, romantic, and very creative 3-dimensional clear acrylic album using a Puzzle Shaped clear acrylic album by Apple Pie Memories. Jodi made this album for her husband as an anniversary gift, but you could easily adapt this idea for gifts for Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding day, or other special occasions. Her album is titled “You Are the Pieces of My Heart”. The album includes lots of glitter and pretty little details, plus hidden journaling. The memento she included is a ticket stub from a memorable evening out. This album is so romantic! If you are looking for some sweet ideas for Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary, this album is sure to inspire you. Jodi has shared complete project instructions, so if you aren’t up for the challenge but you’d like to create your own version of this album, you can follow her step by step directions and make your own puzzle piece album just like it. Click here to see more photos of this clear album, plus Jodi’s free step by step project instructions.

You can click here if you’d like to see more puzzle shaped clear acrylic scrapbooking supplies.

I Love You: A Heart Shaped Clear Acrylic Album

Amy Solovay created this heart shaped clear album called “I Love You” for her husband. The album is by Clear Scraps. This album features a pocket that was made for holding love letters; the love letters are the memento that is significant to both of them. The journaling is hidden .

Heart Shaped Clear Acrylic Scrapbook Album For Valentine's Day. Album is by Clear Scraps.

Check back soon to see more photos and project instructions for this heart shaped clear album. We will be posting it as a project on our Projects Page shortly.

Thanks so much for dropping by. Hope you are having a lovely and creative day!