Update: I have sad news. Hambly Screen Prints has closed their doors.

If you would like to see current designs by former Hambly designer Alison Kreft Abad, you might wish to view collections by Webster’s Pages and also the EveryDay Eclectic line by Echo Park. Alison has done some fresh, creative, beautiful work for both companies – not quite the same as the Hambly products, but the aesthetic is similar and you might really like the designs.

I am leaving this page up for the sake of anyone who may be interested in trying to locate their products, because for a time you may still be able to find some of them around. For example, I’m still seeing some of the products available on ebay:

Buy Hambly at Ebay:

Sometimes Hambly’s products pop up for sale on ebay.com. If there are any Hambly Studios products listed for sale on the ebay auction site, they will be shown below. If not, please click here to visit ebay stores (the USA site) or scroll down to see other options if you are not in the USA.

[phpbay]hambly, 5, 14339, badge[/phpbay]

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Where to Buy Hambly Screen Prints in the UK, Canada, and Australia:

Hambly Screen Prints

If you are going to purchase Hambly Heavy Overlays to make your own clear album, we also recommend that you consider getting a Crop-a-dile tool if you don’t already have one. The Crop-a-dile will help you punch through the heavy overlays quickly and easily. We also invite you to take a look at our selection of binder rings, which will help you easily put the Hambly Heavy Overlays together in book format. Or, if you have a bit more money to spend and would like to create a more permanent book binding for your clear album, check out the Zutter Bind It All Machine. The Zutter Bind it All System is very affordable for what it is, and will revolutionize your scrapbooking.

Hambly Screen Printed Clear Transparent Overlays / Transparencies

Hambly transparencies are famous for being versatile, stylish, and artistic. They are perfect additions to clear albums, scrapbook layouts, DIY, and other art projects.

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  2. Looking for wholesale sticker books – minimum low quantity – I found some on a site by Hambly – not sure if this is the direct site – any info would be appreciated. Especially like the dance bears

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